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Amadeus Beats

Meet the Mastermind:
Poze Records' New Artist Blurring Genre Lines with Lyrical Fire




Forget genre constraints, because Poze Records has unleashed a musical force who shatters them with every note. Introducing Amaduesbeats, the rising star whose blend of hip-hop, rock, and R&B is setting the music world ablaze.

AmadeusBeats isn't just a fresh face, they're a seasoned talent. Already armed with several prestigious awards lining their shelf, their lyrical artistry and powerhouse vocals have been turning heads for years. Now, poised for international recognition, they're ready to unleash their latest masterpiece upon the world – an album produced by the legendary Poze Studios.

"From Nowhere to Now"

This upcoming album is more than just a collection of tracks, it's a sonic landscape carved from raw emotion and undeniable talent. Amaduesbeats's verses paint vivid pictures, spitting rhymes with the ferocity of a hip-hop kingpin and crooning melodies that tug at your soul like a blues ballad. It's a genre-bending rollercoaster that never loses its sense of cohesion, all held together by Amaduesbeats's captivating presence.

And the journey doesn't stop there. Amaduesbeat is currently tearing it up on the road, captivating audiences across the Midwest with their electrifying live show. Get ready for their name to explode across TV screens soon, too, with several appearances lined up that will cement them as a must-watch artist.


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So, buckle up, music lovers, because AmadeusBeats is about to redefine what it means to make music. Their upcoming album, courtesy of Poze Studios, is more than just a release, it's a revolution. Keep your ears peeled, because this is the sound of a future legend in the making.

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