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More than just a label, we're a launchpad. At Poze Records, we're dedicated to helping artists find their audience and share their music with the world.

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Unveiling a New Voice in Music: Welcome to Poze Records!

Step into the spotlight, artists! Poze Records, the electrifying arm of Poze Productions, is here to amplify your talent and light up the music scene. We're not just a new label, we're a launchpad for rising stars, a beacon for diverse voices, and a community powered by passion and a genuine love for music.

Our Lineage Runs Deep: Backed by over 20 years of experience in the industry, Poze Productions knows the music world inside and out. We've seen dreams take flight, careers blossom, and the power of music connect hearts across boundaries. With that rich heritage, Poze Records emerges as a fresh force, ready to shape the future of music.

A Symphony of Opportunities: We provide more than just a record deal. We offer a comprehensive musical ecosystem to launch your career to stratospheric heights.

Here's how we fuel your ascent:


Your career starts here!

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VaMo Radio

Your Voice on Airwaves: Join the buzzing airwaves of VaMo Radio, where your music reaches over 9,000 avid listeners and industry insiders. Get featured, get heard, and get on the radar of tastemakers.




Poze Records

More Than Just Business, It's Passion

At Poze Records, we're not just driven by numbers, we're driven by the raw power of music and the dreams of artists like you. We believe in every genre, every voice, and every story waiting to be told. We're your partners, your collaborators, your cheerleaders, and your champions in the musical arena.

Ready to Unleash Your Music? Join the Poze Records family and let your sound ignite the world. Visit pozeproductionshas been in busssiness for over 20 yrs promoteing and working in the music indusrty pozeproductionshas been in busssiness for over 20 yrs promoteing and working in the music indusrty to learn more, submit your music, and embark on your musical journey with us. Remember, the spotlight awaits. Are you ready to step into it?

Follow Poze Records on social media and keep an eye out for upcoming events, artist reveals, and exclusive announcements. Let's make music history together!


Your Launchpad to Musical Stardom

Calling all musical dreamers, firebrands, and genre-bending visionaries! Poze Records, the rising star of the music world, is searching for its next wave of talent.

We're not just another record label. We're a family. A community of passionate artists, seasoned industry veterans, and music lovers united by one mission: propelling your music to new heights.

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